We are pleased to annouce the release of the new book


You are a Babe.
You are a totally Bitchin’ Babe.  (Bitchin’ adj, California surfing term for hip, cool, intelligent, ageless and timeless.) It goes without saying; you’ve got one hell of a history.
Some of it, you even remember! 
Babeliography is the book for you to write it all down. Within these pages, you can make your lists, record your memories, unload your demons, and make big plans for the future, whether it’s where to go on your next road trip or how to achieve world domination.
Share this journal with friends, as you and your gal pals open up to reveal your favorite things and fondest memories such as “things I got away with,” or “things I regret doing but fully intend on doing again.” 
Fill it out yourself or share it with your book club. Toss it in the bag or your gal-pal weekend getaway or whip it out when the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles is unbearable. 
We debuted the book in Wisconsin last month, so look for it at the merchandise table or buy it online now! 

Sample pages

sample pages

At last! A place to keep all the personal, quirky and sensational details of your life as a Fabulous Babe.

It’s been one heck of a ride, Babe, and there are more adventures just around the corner.  Here’s your place to store your memories, info, evidence and alibis.  Release those secrets!  You’ll feel so much better admitting these must know tidbits like:

  • Stuff to be happy about when it all hits the fan.
    My friends’ birthdates, and their real ages!
    The most annoying songs of all time!
    My favorite authors I would never admit to reading.
    Cars I’ve made out in (year, make and model).
    Stores for really great underwear that carry my size.
    Keep this book under lock and key - or break it out after martinis at your next girl's-night-out!

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Availble at our merch sales table at all of our appearances. Available now on-line.