Join the Babes as they cruise the open waters...

Babes at Sea

7 Night Caribbean Cruise
Feb. 21-28, 2010
Join Sally, Debi, Nancy, & Deirdre and celebrate YOUR inner Diva Babe with concerts, parties and more!

Grab a "getaway-group" of gal pals, organize a reunion, or just kick back with a loved one!!! Set sail for 7 days and nights with the Four Bitchin' Babes, as they celebrate the release of their new CD (set for Sept 1, '09 release) "Diva Nation....Where Music, Laughter and Girlfriends Reign"

Hop on board the luxury liner diva ship (say tre' tre', ooh la la right here!) The Costa Fortuna. With stops in St. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk, you can eat, drink, shop, sleep, hang with your honey in the Caribbean and catch Babe shows on board!

Prices start at $699 and INCLUDE * all shipboard gratuities, port taxes, 4BB's private concert events with an all-you-can-drink-meet-and-greet-Babe party!!!

TRIANGLE CRUISES proudly presents the Four Bitchin' Babes on Board for more info:
Rooms On-Sale Now!!  Ric Rogers (800) 784-4495


Sure, we'll be doing all the regular cruise things - stops in Grand Turks, San Juan and St. Thomas, sunbathing on the deck, spending way too much money at the little boutiques. But it's a Babes cruise and we plan to do it up right! So, in addition to the cocktail party (be on the lookout for our signature drink) and of course the concert, why not check out another special Babe activity? Here are some things we've got planned for our Divalicious cruise.


Fit to Be Tiled

If you know your Qats, Zymurgys or how to get 21 points out of the word Dog - or even if you don’t, join Sally for a fun and fabulous Scrabble jam "Babe Style". Bring your board/tiles from home and make new Babe Friends, while learning the ancient art of cheating, whining your way into do overs, and making up words that you swear are in the English language. For beginners, there'll be no timers, no dictionaries, for intermediates and pro's there'll be people standing over your shoulder wishing they were you. The more the merrier! Cause frankly the rest of us babes would like to see somebody play with Sally and take her seriously ... poor girl! 

Scrabble Jam ^ Moderated by Babe Sally

Hit me with Your Best Shot.royal flush

She’s the babe with the attitude. If she were a vehicle, she might just be a Harley. If you’re that kind of edgy diva yourself (or you might just like to act like one) why not join Babe Nancy in a game of quite unfrilly Texas Hold Em. We need to warn you -we’ve seen this girl do math and you’re in for quite a competition. Nancy will give a short intro on Texas Hold ‘Em if you’re new to the sport. Hey. It involves hand eye coordination. We can call it a sport if we want to!

Texas Hold ‘Em ^ Moderated by Babe Nancy

makeupMaybe She’s Born With it. Maybe it’s just Debi.

On any given performance evening, you might notice one of the babes looking particularly vibrant and vivacious. Might just be because Debi had time to do her magic makeup mojo on us. Let’s face it, this Babe has a gift. Wanna piece of the mojo? You know you do. So sign up for “Debi Does Makeup.” Hey, we’ll put everyone’s name in a hat and pick out a few winners. If we make you stand in the back for the group shot, you know she’s done a really good job. We don’t want anyone stealing our spotlight. Oops! Did we say that??

Makeup workshop^ Moderated by Babe Debi





Before & After!
(as you can see, the competition from us is not going to be fierce.)

Who Died and Made You Queen?

Absolutely no one. It’s more like a bloodless coup, really. The only weapon here is a glue gun. Oh yes, it’s time to let that inner queen come out. The Four Bitchin’ Babes announce our First Annual Tiara Contest. Hey, there’s a toga party on board. What better way for us all to make a grand entrance than with some grand headgear? Can’t you just see this photo-op?? (Minions to hold your headgear upright not included). You can bring your crown pre-adorned (and “crown” is pretty open for interpretation here) or join Deirdre in a tiara decorating fest! We’ll provide the “tiaras,” a couple of glue guns and some notions. We know that many of you babes have some ribbons, beads, boas intended for projects you’ll never finish, so why not bring ‘em along? We’ll dump 'em on the table and mix and match! Prizes for tiaras will be awarded, but remember, it’s not whether you win or lose but how much fun goes down underneath the tiara.

Tiara Decorating^ Moderated by Babe Deirdre


The Bitchin’ Book Club…

It’s easy to spot the introvert of the group (Deirdre). She’s the one who left half her wardrobe at home in order to pack her copy of Moby Dick. But no babe is an island - and that’s what book clubs are for! (Well, that and eating chocolate and drinking chardonnay) So our spontaneously thrown together book club will be reading The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. It’s got intrigue! Abduction! Mystery! Suspicion! Pick up a copy and join our impromptu book club sea. (Or don't read the book and ask irrelevant questions. That works, too!)

Book club ^ Moderated by Babe Deirdre